Blue Carioca Entertainment is a production company that specializes in creating content for the international market. With strong foundations in Brazil and Spain, the goal has been able to produce programs that have resonance in both the United States and the Pan Latin American markets. Blue Carioca combines producers with strong writing and directing backgrounds as well advanced post production capabilities. In addition, we have a strong marketing team that manages investor relations, product placement opportunities, distribution connections, and social media platforms for our content. Special attention is also directed to designing logos and motion graphics that complement the program presentations.

Our mantra is to comprehensively develop projects before ever presenting to our distributors. Through script readings with cast, often in front of a live targeted audience, invaluable feedback is gleamed before eventually filming the pilot and associated teaser reels. Much changes from the written page when actors are involved while an audience provides vital commentary. It is almost a live theater approach to organically work with the material and elevate the product. As the old axiom goes, there is the show you write, the show you film, and the show you edit. The many changes from script to final product are often profound.

At Blue Carioca, we try to leverage our strengths in writing, casting, producing, and editing into the creation of a polished show. For that reason, our development process is longer than most. We don’t throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. Our skin is in the game as we don’t just pitch ideas, we present finished and filmed projects. In the end, we at Blue Carioca only want to present fully vetted and compelling programs that aim to entertain, provoke, and satisfy.

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