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Steve BeckerDirector/Writer/Producer

New York – Los Angeles – Brazil

Steve is an experienced writer director and producer who has worked on film projects in New York, Los Angeles, Brazil, as well as various European countries. His background in Finance and venture capital in New York coupled with his diverse production work experience gives him balanced insight into both the creative and monetary aspects of the film making process. In addition, Steve has attended film festivals and their associated sales market functions all over the world which has given him invaluable exposure to the challenges of distribution in the ever evolving world of new media opportunities.

Steve holds an Undergrad degree in Business from Syracuse and a Masters in Real Estate Investment Analysis from NYU as well as post graduate study in Film and screenwriting at the New School . His first job out of college was for CBS Television in the Sports Division where he worked in Finance during the day and in production nights and weekends, both in studio and on location at game sites. Steve is also a lapsed stand-up comic and accomplished sketch writer. His self financed film, Manhattan Minutiae, which he also wrote, directed, produced, and showed at various festivals as well as the sales markets at Cannes and AFM. The film is preparing for distribution in late 2015.

Steve lived in Brazil for 5 years, in Europe for 18 months, and Los Angeles for 3 long years. He is fluent in Portuguese and conversant in Spanish and pig latin.

His driving goal is to write and direct a film on every continent.