Violeta Barca-Fontana


New York

Voilet-Barca-FontanaVioleta was born in Barcelona and has been working in the film industry since 1997. She studied filmmaking and production in Barcelona (IDEP), New York (NYFA) and Madrid (TAI). She worked on Spanish productions with great masters such as Carlos Saura, José Luis García Sanchez and Andrés Vicente Gómez. Violeta also worked on several British and German productions with personalities as diverse as Paul McGann and Paul Copley.

In 2003 she produced a very successful feature film La Fiesta distributed by Walt Disney Company (Spain). Violeta has directed documentaries and several short films, including: Loft, Where´s Woody, Entre Raíles, Marquinhos, Color Thief that have been selected for several film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival in 2014.

Violeta just finished a Shortfilm documentary about a 80 year old street artist Called Quixote in a Fragmented World. As a screenwriter she has written four feature films: Atrévete, Entre Raíles, Myths and Pieces of New York, which is in pre-production.

Violeta is a gifted editor and avid traveller.