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LandlockedWriter, Producer, Director

2016 119 min Drama | Romance

Ben Greene the charming and chameleon like lobbyist from a New York based construction and design firm is sent to Rhode Island in order to facilitate a public referendum to build a casino on an local Indian Reservation. While attempting to win friends and influence competitors, Ben is forced to overcome various obstacles, including competing gambling interests, corrupt politicians, liberal academics, and the most formidable of all, the beautiful, Native American advocate, Serena Sampson. Her passion, political savvy, and never say die attitude provide Ben with his greatest challenge to date. While attempting to navigate all these problems and charm Serena, Ben is profoundly changed by the process, endangering not only the mission but his livelihood. But will this metamorphosis lead to happiness or disaster? Sometimes the road to enlightenment is bumpy. Sometimes it is just the plain wrong road. In the end, your community or tribe is defined by those who you have a real connection with.